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(a) If for any reason Customer decides to cancel the service less than 21 days prior to the move date, Customer is obligated to pay 3 hours minimum service charge not later than the date the service was planned.
(b) If for any reason Customer decides to postpone the service less than 21 days prior to the move date, Customer is obligated to pay 3 hours minimum service charge not later than the date the service was planned. All charges will be credited as payment toward the total balance due on the rescheduled date. Our company cannot guarantee availability on the date, the Customer wants to reschedule to.
(c) If for any reason Customer decides to stop the service provision at any time prior to completion, Customer is obligated to pay for the time that we spent from start-up until the moment when the team has stopped. (3 hr min charge applies. If any items have been loaded onto the truck, the customer is obligated to pay time for unloading the truck).
(d) At any moment during or before the service provided, if any unusual circumstances arise, or if any reason Customer displays unruly behavior, the crew reserves the right to stop the service, lock the truck with the customer's belongings, and request for the full deposit. Deposit is calculated with regards to the entire job, including hours already worked, loading time, driving, unloading time, packing materials, and other extras if applicable. If the collected sum is more than the actual costs of services, at the very end, the amount will be recalculated in accordance with the actual hours worked, and the difference will be reimbursed.
1.1. Customer confirm that received all required moving paperwork and information beforehand, rates were provided and confirmed, required moving brochure and booklet were provided and customer acquainted with it and service terms.
According to California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) provisions, driving time between pick-up and drop-off addresses is doubled. The rule applies for driving time only, loading and unloading time calculated according to the base hourly rate. Daily Gas fee is 50$ per truck used for the delivery. In additions the mileage fee is 2$ per mile under 50 miles from load to unload. 4$ per mile for 50+ miles of driving in addition to driving time.
Valuation coverage at 60 cents per pound article is provided at no charge. Under this option, the mover is responsible for no more than 60 cents per pound per article. Additional full-value insurance can be purchased (call us to know your options).
Unless customers pack items, our team will use supplies for packaging in order to get them covered. Shrink wrap and Protective Blankets are included in the service fee. In case additional packaging is necessary to team will use company supplies (such as boxes, wrapping paper, and bubble wrap), and extra charges apply. In case of customer influences the packaging process (refuse to use additional box protection, ask to speed up the process and etc…), the carrier is not responsible for damage of any kind. We are not responsible for items packed/wrapped by customers. For any displays (tv, camcorders, projectors, etc...) customers should have an original tv box, otherwise, the carrier is not responsible for damages. Carrier is not responsible for electronic items which were not tested prior to loading and delivery. Packing Material use: Shrink wrap 45$ per roll. Tape 25$ per roll. Multiple move usage items (items must be returned at the end of the delivery): Wardrobes use 8$ per wardrobe used. Speed pack box used 15$ per box used, Tv Box - 25$ per tv box used. Blankets 2$ per blanket used.
Overtime rates will be assessed to the final bill in accordance with Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) Wage Order- 9-2001, or any succeeding wage order. Price may increase if: (a) Distance between points of delivery of loaded truck is greater than 100 miles. (b) If the job requires more team members than requested initially, $50 per hour for every additional team member. (c) If under any circumstance, the delivery is not finished in one day and requires overnight storage, drive time to and from the parking/storage location the truck is dedicated to (dedicated parking location is determined on the start location of the truck according to GPS location at 7 am of the first day of the job) will be assessed with an overnight storage fee of 200$. (d) The weight exceeds more than 270 pounds. (2 men are only able to carry 130 pounds, 3 men are only able to carry 200 pounds, 4 men are only able to carry 270 pounds. Additional "manpower" may be provided per request on the day of the service provision at 100$ per person (Heavy item fee).
One 24-26ft truck fully equipped box truck is provided for all services unless required otherwise. Minimum working hours do not include double drive time. NON-REUSABLE PROTECTING MATERIALS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE HOURLY RATE. The service fee covers basic protecting materials: Shrink wrap and Moving Blankets. Moving boxes is extra, price small-5$, Medium-6$, Large-7$ per 1 box. WE DO NOT LOAD AND CARRY VALUABLES (MONEY, JEWELRY, DOCUMENTS, ETC), FLAMMABLE OR EXPLOSIVE ITEMS, OPEN LIQUID CONTAINERS, AND MEDICATION ON PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. The customer takes full responsibility if any of such items were loaded onto the truck inside any other items.
WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS under any circumstances. We accept cash and major credit cards; cardholders must be presented at the time of the payment and have valid ID available. Counted paid time starts at the time when the truck arrives and is parked near the customer's address. Our job counted by hours. Stop time shall be recalculated in case the team spends extra time (more than 0,25 of an hour) waiting till payment is done due to customer delay. The customer must agree to pay out the total balance after the service is provided. In case the cancellation upon arrival at the client's address, the minimum fee of the 3-hour minimum will be applied. Carrier is not liable for weather, traffic, or technical difficulties on loading and unloading site, hourly rate apply for traffic and any other time delay caused by weather or required stops at weight station and etc.
Customers are aware that the working scene while furniture delivery is dangerous and can cause body injuries by dollies, boxes, items, and supplies. The customer takes full responsibility for any injuries to him, the team, or any other 3rd party while the loading/unloading/packing process. The customer agrees to keep a safe (at least 6 ft) distance from the truck, team members, items while the delivery process and tools, dollies, supplies, boxes and etc...
The customer allows and accepts full access to the property where service is provided, and where any equipment is located, including supplies. The client can not deny property access. Property access is granted till Full payment is made.
8. Abandoned items
If items are left in/for storage by client request, or if not unloaded due to non-payment, after 3 days items are considered abandoned, and the carrier receives the right to dispose of loaded and left items inside the truck.